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Make seamless payment in a single click using our secure virtual cards. we provide you best card at cheap price. using our virtual credit card you will be able make payment to any international merchant, buy online, pay hosting bill, game purchase, google play store purchase & much more.

 In the next page select a card balance you need .
Add to cart & checkout. once your payment received we will process the order right away.

Looking to have a one time card to make payment anywhere? this card is for you because your problem will be solved in seconds.

Purchase from online store and pay through instant virtual card. transaction will be made with USD currency by default.

We will provide you a visa or MasterCard on availability. both type of card is popular around the world. it is easy to use.

We have answered before you ask

Everywhere! where the Visa or MasterCard support to collect payment by merchant. for few example- google pay store, eBay, Amazon, PayPal, Udemy, GoDaddy, also any hosting company, game service etc.

as it virtual card you can’t use it on physical swap machine. only valid for online based transaction through internet.

We have many different card balance. generally default balance $5, 25, 50. if you need custom balance you need contact us first.

Currently we offer only USD currency card. there is no fees or any hidden charge. for an example- if you purchase a $5 balance card you will be able to use full balance.

Card is valid for 24 hours only. this is very strict condition. you must use the card within 24 hours from delivery (we delivery in 24 hours) otherwise you will loss the card including balance. we are not able to recover or replace you a new card. there no refund is available.  for long time use select a reloadable card here.

Thank you for continuation. this is one time card for secure payment. there is no function to reload/top-up balance after spending initial funds.

There is no way because it not a plastic card to enter in ATM. there is no chances to receive money to card or withdraw fund by ATM.

We will deliver you a full 16 digit international card number. expiry date & CVV. if require OTP at any time we will be able to help you immediately (working hour only). 

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We process all order during Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm BST (Bangladesh standard time). You should receive card details within 24 hours from placing your order. for any holiday, natural storms and such situation we may not able to deliver in exact time. appreciate your patients on such issue.


Our card works all kind of merchant except custom rules set by any merchant. we provide not refundable virtual card with 24 hours usages time. should you have a question please contact us before placing an order.